Diversity Matters


by Louise Kellogg

I’ve been involved with PTDT off and on for more than a decade as an audience member and now on the board. Here’s why I give to support the Pamela Trokanski Dance Theatre:

Most dance companies are very narrow in thinking about who they put on stage; the choreographers typically want dancers with a very specific age and look.  As a result, most dancers’ careers are complete when they are very young, and most dance companies are not very diverse.

The Pamela Trokanski Dance Theatre is interested in exploring the entire range of human experience; Pamela celebrates the wisdom and grace that dancers accumulate through life with the affiliated Third Stage company, and she draws on the excitement of introducing new people to contemporary dance through the PTDT Apprentice Company. The Third Stage Company includes dancers up to their ninth decade of life, and the Apprentice Company includes dancers as young as 8. The graceful and compelling performances that result when these dancers perform with PTDT make Davis a unique venue for contemporary dance.

Join me in donating to PTDT on the Big Day of Giving!



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