In Memory of Suzanne Hikida

Suzanne Hikida, front right, with Herbert Bauer

I was saddened to hear of the passing of a good friend, Suzanne Hikida, one of the original Third Stage dancers and former PTDT Board member. She first performed in the “Coming of Age” dance project (originally funded by the Davis Civic Arts Commission) and went on to dance with The Third Stage dance company in 1994, appearing in multiple pieces including Singing Over Bones and 35/10. Her insights and energy on the PTDT Board during those early years helped to direct our mission and bring us forward into the present. Although it has been many years since we last spoke, I so appreciate the multitude of positive ripples that her presence made in both my personal life back then and in her support of the work that the companies were doing. She was a wonderful woman to have in one’s life. -Pamela Trokanski

Singing Over Bones (1996) was a dance that combined both The Third Stage and the PTDT and explored three stages of women’s lives through movement. Suzanne was in the center circle, representing the wisdom that comes after living a long life.
The original Third Stage company, (1993) with dancers ranging in age from 8 – 80+, was the first of its kind in Northern California.

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