Schedule Your Donation for Big Day of Giving 2017


Save the date: May 4th, 2017 is Big Day of Giving!

This year is bigger and better than ever.  PTDT joins 600 nonprofits from the Sacramento Region in a 24-hour giving marathon.  It’s our 3rd year and we’re very excited for some big changes.  What’s our favorite so far?  Donation scheduling!

That’s right!  You can schedule your donation.  So now you don’t have to remember to give on May 4th, do it now.  Just click the button below to go to Big Day of Giving Profile and schedule your gift.  Donations will process in the early hours of May 4th.  You’ll get a confirmation email when you schedule and a donation receipt on May 4th.  You can also edit your scheduled donation up until May 4th.  So schedule that donation now!


We know why you’ll schedule your donation.  It’s because you know us.  99% of our donors donate because they have been personally affected by our programs.  They have danced in the company at some point, they’ve been moved by a concert, they know a dancer, or they participate in our wellness programs like Second Wind and Dance for Parkinsons.  And we love that our donors know us so well.  Thank you!  So please schedule your gift today and tell a friend!

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