From the Dancer’s Perspective: Dog Slides

Apprentice Company frozen mid-dog slide.
Apprentice Company frozen mid-dog slide.

PTDT dancers do a lift that we call a Dog Slide – named because one dancer is in the Downward Dog yoga position allowing another dancer to slide down her back.

It requires significant upper body strength for both dancers.  The dancer who is the base (the dancer doing the lifting) has to support her own weight, plus the weight of the other dancer on her feet and hands while maintaining a straight back.  The dancer being lifted has to use her core and back to lift her legs off the ground and her arms to hold on to the base and then cradle her head carefully to the floor.  In this video, we show you what this lift looks like from the lifted dancer’s perspective.

How do we get these shots?  Dancers wear a small camera mounted to an elastic head band on their forehead.  The camera is a rugged sports point of view camera (a GoPro Hero 2 in this case).  If they happen to fall off when filming, usually no damage is done to the camera so dancers can pretty much ignore them.

Watch more from our growing series “From the Dancer’s Perspective” here.

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2 thoughts on “From the Dancer’s Perspective: Dog Slides

    1. Mimie, to date we’ve produced two other videos out and have 3 more in the works. The post has links to the others or check out our YouTube channel for a playlist of all of them.

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