Call for Artists for Art in 4 Dimensions

jpeg for facebook2 deadline for submtg

Art in 4 Dimensions is produced by Pamela Trokanski and funded in part by a grant from the City of Davis Arts & Cultural Affairs Program, as well as the Pamela Trokanski Dance Theatre.

Art in 4 Dimensions is an opportunity for local artists to collaborate, creating unique works of art together. We did a smaller version of the project in 2018, working with both classic works of art and works by two local visual artists, four choreographers, one musician, and one poet.

This year, with performance dates set for Friday and Saturday, March 1 & 2, the goal is to work with 6 local visual artists, 6 choreographers or theatre/actors, and 6 musicians/poets. Each participating artist, in all mediums, will receive a $100 honorarium for work that is performed in concert.

Visual artists will need to submit .jpegs of their work. Choreographers/Actors will submit a short video or link to an online site where their work can be viewed (such as Youtube). Poets will submit two poems. Musicians will submit music in either a CD format or an mp3 file via email.

Deadline to submit is October 16, 2018

Please email us for a submission packet and timeline: Pamela Trokanski or Amy Habicht

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