Board Announces $2,000 Big Day of Giving 2018 Match



The Pamela Trokanski Dance Theatre Board of Directors will match donations made to PTDT on the Big Day of Giving, May 3rd, 2018, through the online giving portal totaling up to $2,000.  Take advantage of this opportunity to make your donation go farther by scheduling your donation now or giving early on May 3rd.

Why give online?  While there is a small processing fee for online transactions, there are a host of prizes offered throughout the day for online donations.  More online donors means more chances for PTDT to win substantial prizes.  It’s also worth noting that the online transaction fees support the company that makes the technical aspects of Big Day of Giving work.  Without these tools, Big Day of Giving wouldn’t be possible, so many donors don’t mind the small fee.  Many questions are answered on the Big Day of Giving Frequently Asked Questions Page.


What if I don’t want to give online?  That’s perfectly fine!  You can bring cash or check to the Pamela Trokanski Dance Workhop and make sure the office staff person knows your money is a donation for PTDT.

What if I can’t give much?  Every donation makes a difference and we appreciate them all!  The online giving minimum is $15, but any amount is accepted in person at the Dance Workshop.

Why should I donate at all?  PTDT runs several community programs aimed at making sure everyone has access to dance, from kids to seniors to people with limited mobility to parents who want to spend more time with their kids… you get the idea.  See our Outreach page for more details.  These programs all have a cost associated with them and many are free to participants (yet another way we make dance available to everyone), so please support our continued work.

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