Sac State Dance Sampler 2017

By Michele Tobias

Dancers from the Pamela Trokanski Dance Theatre and the Third Stage presented a short exerpt from our upcoming show 2 1/2 Minutes to Midnight at the Sacramento State Dance Sampler Sunday, April 9th, an annual show produced by the Sac State Dance Department.

We’ve been asked to dance at this show many times and I’ve gotten to dance at many of these in recent history.  Every time is an honor and a treat because we get to share the stage with some of Northern California’s best dance talent.  As a dancer, I feel more grounded participating in these kinds of events.  Even though this year our dancers didn’t get to see many of the pieces, just warming up with other dancers, watching what they do, seeing their quirks of movement and process reminds me that our company is part of something bigger, this larger art form called dance.  And that all of us in that stage space gathered in a collective, but individual, warm up, share the culture of dancers.

Each year is different – different companies participate, different works get shown, different dancers are on stage – but this year was extra special for us.  As we watched another company warm up and work through their teching and blocking (a time in which dancers and choreographers familiarize themselves with the stage, adjust choreography, work with the tech crew to set lights and address needs, and then finally run their piece), a small crew from the CW’s Good Day Sacramento came to film a segment about the Dance Sampler and the larger events going on on campus that day.  We were on stage next for our tech time, and the TV crew ended up filming their segment while we ran through our piece.  You can watch the segment on their website, thanks to modern technology.

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