Movies in the Park: The Good Dinosaur

Saturday, 9/10/2016, PTDT donned dinosaur hats and his the (space in front of) the big screen with a dozen or so members of the community at the Davis Sunset Rotary Club’s Movies in the Park.  Before the showing of “The Good Dinosaur” PTDT and friends entertained the crowd with a dance set to music from another dino movie, “Ice Age”.  Why pick “Walk the Dinosaur” instead of music from the film that was playing that evening?  Simply because “The Good Dinosaur” didn’t have any up-beat music.  Over the last few years, Pamela has found that surprise audiences have more fun and engage more with fun music with a good beat.

Wait!  Who are all those people joining in?  Pamela taught a free class for the community to learn a section of the dance so they could join in the dance surprise.  The audience loved it!  The energy soared when the new dancers ran in.  Most people weren’t expecting to see dance that day, let alone have a mob of people join in.

Dance in Public Places is one of the programs PTDT runs in support of it’s mission to educate people about and through dance.  You can ensure programs like these continue by making a tax-deductible donation.

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