Breaking the Fourth Wall


Reason #4_Dancers create a danceBy Jan Fiore

Breaking the Fourth Wall:  Five Ways the Davis Dance Project differs from a regular dance concert.

First:  You won’t just be sitting in the dark trying to figure out the meaning of what’s happening on stage.  In the lecture/demonstration part of the program, you’re going to learn how choreography and movement is structured and created. As the dancers move, Pamela will explain what goes into movement choices.You’ll also find out how training in improvisation helps dancers learn to think on their feet (because anything can happen in a live performance, and mental flexibility in the moment is a useful skill).

Second:  Superior knowledge of dance.  You’ll learn about the six types of movement, level and speed changes, rules of improvisation, symmetrical and asymmetrical static compositions, use of negative space, and much more, all within the fun and intimacy of a small theater.  By the end of the night, you will know a lot more than the average person does about the tools used by dancers.  (Although that isn’t necessary to enjoy a dance performance, it will enhance your appreciation of what goes into choreography and how the dancers execute it.  You’ll appreciate the choreography, dancers and performance even more.)

Third:  You help create a dance, right then and there.   After the lecture/demonstration, with your mind full of fresh information, Pamela will give the audience several choices to make that are key aspects of a dance, including type of transitional movement, lighting and music, and afterwards there’s a opportunity for audience participation to do simple improvisation with the dancers!!

Fourth:  A bonus!  MOBility, a hip-hop dance crew from UCD also performs.  First, Janine Klein does a lecture/demonstration with them about hip-hop (you’ll definitely know more about hip-hop after this than the average person), and later in the program, they perform a piece.  They are sharp, strong dancers with a great sense of presence and fun.

Fifth:  A selection of pieces from different concerts!  The dancers perform some sections from the Fall 2015 concert, and also offer an exciting preview of the upcoming Spring concert (“Secondary Shelf Life aka The Importance of Timing), to be held in April.

The Davis Dance Project is a great opportunity to learn while enjoying a fun evening of dance.  Don’t miss this opportunity to see it (just two more performances for the Davis Dance Project – Saturday, February 6:  one at 3:00 pm and the last one at 7:00 p.m.  (Children 12 and under get in for free!)  2720 Del Rio Place, Davis, at the Pamela Trokanski Dance Workshop and Performing Arts Theatre.  The box office opens 30 minutes before each show, and tickets can be purchased in advance at the studio.

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