30th Aniversary Events

Serendipity, Parallel Universes, and Opening Pandora's Box  2013  (Photo credit Alexander Gonzalez)
Serendipity, Parallel Universes, and Opening Pandora’s Box 2013 (Photo credit Alexander Gonzalez)

The Pamela Trokanski Dance Theatre is celebrating 30 years of dance in Davis! We have a number of exciting events planned for 2015, and would like to invite you to participate. We hope to see you at the events and we would also love to incorporate your reminiscences in the celebration. For those of you who live far away and are not able to return for the events, please read on for ways you can still participate.


First, the events! All events will be held at the PTDW Studio Theatre, 2720 Del Rio Place, in Davis. For more information about events, please visit our Facebook page or blog.

  • March 14 (2:00-5:00pm):  PTDT 30th Anniversary Fundraiser, including entertainment, food, a silent auction, raffle items, art activities for children, old costumes and memorabilia on display, and more.
  • April 18 (7:00-10:00pm): 30th Anniversary Movie Night: a 90 minute video retrospective of PTDT, with popcorn!
  • April 19 (3:00pm) and April 24 & 25 (8:00pm): PTDT Spring Concert Premiere: Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse & Other Life Events

We would love to include your thoughts about PTDT in some of the displays and promotional materials for thirtieth anniversary events. There are two ways that you can share with the world what you remember about PTDT and how dancing with PTDT has influenced your life. Please feel free to respond to one or both!

Response 1: Voice Stories

The movie created for the 30th Anniversary Movie Night will feature voice reminiscences from current and former PTDT dancers. To submit a story describing a favorite memory of PTDT, email a sound file that you have created (acceptable formats are mp3, mpeg-4, WAV, or Windows Media files) to patrick [at] askpatrick.com (replace the [at] with an @… we don’t want spam bots to flood his email so we replaced it). The subject line of the email should be Audio for 30th Anniversary.” Please note in the email what years you danced with the company.

Response 2: Written Testimonials

Please visit our online survey to respond to one or both of these questions: (1) How did/does dancing in PTDT impact your life? (2) Is there a particular dance that stands out in your memory? Describe the dance and why it was important to you.

As we bring together dancers from all 30 years of PTDT history, it has been challenging to find everyone as they have moved on in their lives and are not all using social media. Please help up connect to other dancers if you are in touch with them: pass on this letter and ask them to reconnect with us.

It is thanks to you that PTDT has become what it is today. We are so excited to celebrate 30 years of hard work and amazing performances with you. Thank you and we look forward to seeing you soon!!

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