Ushers: Superheros of the Theater!


Who is that person with the friendly smile welcoming you into the theater before a show deftly handing you a program? Who answers your questions in a confident and knowledgeable manner? Who is that sharply-dressed person showing you to your seat? Who directs you to the nearest exit in the unlikely event of an emergency? It’s the PTDT Ushers!

The ushers really are the heroes of the theater. They make sure you know where to go; they kindly answer your questions; and they will help you exit to safety if you ever needed to leave in an emergency. They also seem to have the ninja-like ability to blend into the background while the show is going on, so you never know they are there, unless you need one. They make sure you have a lovely theater experience and you may not even know how they helped you.

We’d like you to consider joining the PTDT usher team. We’ve put together some questions you might have about being an usher, but please ask us more questions in the comments section below, or contact us via phone or email.

When is the next Training Session and What Are They Like?

Training dates are announced via email to our list of potential ushers and social media outlets. Usually, usher trainings happen a few days before the opening performance of a show. Trainings are shorts and informative, usually lasting less than an hour. Training consists of becoming familiar with the PTDT concert policies, and how to implement them with tact and diplomacy, keeping in mind that the policies exist to provide everyone in the audience with a positive live-performance experience.

What Duties Do Ushers Perform?

Usher tasks include taking tickets, handing out programs, and assisting audience members in and out of the theater during performance. Ushers also handle inquiries from guests, and assist guests in finding an exit in case of emergency.

What Qualifications Do Ushers Need?

Ushers must attend usher training at least once a year.  Ushers should be at least 16 years old. It is also preferable that ushers are able to stand for at least 1 hour at a time (although it is possible that there may be seats available for ushers during the performance, this isn’t guaranteed). Physical limitations, however, do not preclude anyone from being an usher. Be sure to discuss your needs with the staff and they will make sure you can participate.

What Is The Dress Code?

While our ushers do not have a uniform, they do follow a strict dress code. Ushers must have a neat appearance and wear black pants or skirt, as well as a white shirt, with black jacket optional. Shoes should be chosen with the knowledge that you will need to be able to stand and in them for about 2 hours. Ushers provide their own clothing, however Davis has many clothing stores with a wide range of prices for those needing to purchase clothing to fit the dress code.

What Are the Benefits of Being an Usher?

Being an usher is a small time commitment with big benefits.  One of the best perks of being an usher is that you get to see the show you work at for free. Usher duties are mainly performed before the show, so ushers usually see the entire show uninterrupted. Additionally, being an usher is an excellent way to add community service to your resume or college application packet. Ushering requires a variety of skills necessary for the current job market and could be a good addition to your resume. Ushers also stay up to date with PTDT events and meet others who enjoy the theater and community events.

How Do I Get On The List?

Add yourself to the email list for announcements about usher training and usher opportunities by filling out our Usher List Form, or call the office to talk to a staff member who can add you to our email and/or call list.

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