Archives: One Dancer in Red

It’s not easy keeping track of digital photos.  Right now your computer probably has dozens of photos that need to be organized, labeled, or maybe even deleted.  You can’t write a note on the back of a digital image the way you can with a printed photo.  Over the almost 30 years of PTDT dancing, we’ve taken many photos.  And, like yours, not all of them are organized.  For some of them, we’re missing key information and we’re asking for your help!  Occasionally we will post photos from the archive and ask you to fill in the gaps.  Fans, family members, dancers, and videographers all should offer up what they can remember.  Even a small detail might jog someone’s memory.  Also, we hope you enjoy this look back at the history of PTDT.


PTDT_ couples (2)

Here’s what we know:

It was taken sometime between 2002 – 2006

These are dancers from PTDT (we know it is not Third Stage, and the Apprentice Company didn’t exist at this time)

Here’s what we need answered:

Who are these dancers?

What concert was this from?

What is the name of this dance?

What is the exact year?

If you know the answer to some of our questions, post a comment on this page.  You can also email us – see our contact info.

5 thoughts on “Archives: One Dancer in Red

  1. the dancer in red is Jennie Amaral! Rosie is holding her and Ms. Bell is in the back pair in blue. Is the girl holding her named Kelly?? More than that I don’t know, except it was not Spring 2006 because it was before I joined the company. also pre Nicole’s surgery! 🙂

  2. I’m pretty sure this was Fall of 2006, but I don’t remember which piece this was. Caitlin is right- I’m in the back left being held by Kelly Byrns, and then Jennie Amaral is in red, held by Rosie Shelton-Mottsmith, and then Jacinda McKee is in front, held by Courtney Siperstein-Cook. 🙂

  3. Actually I believe this was a piece from the Spring 2005 concert “The 20-Year Retrospective” (and I possess the program to prove it!) Clearly I was a PTDT fan long “Before My Time”!! 😉

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