What’s In Your Dance Bag, Sharon Riddle?

“What’s In Your Dance Bag?” will be an occasional serial for the PTDT blog.  Dancers will tell you in their own words about what they keep in their dance bags.  We think you’ll get a sense of who our dancers are based on what they think is important to keep with them.  Some dancers have small bags with just the essentials.  Other keep larger bags with every conceivable thing they (or anyone else) might need.  There is no right answer, just what is right for each person.  We hope you will enjoy this peek into the dance bags and lives of dancers, starting with this first installment:



Before rehearsals, dancers file into the studio carrying their dance bags loaded with all the things they’ll need.  But what’s in those bags?  This week, we ask Sharon Riddle, “What’s in your dance bag?”

Bag Style: Small Duffel


#1 Tiger Balm – in the 1.7 oz. economy travel size tin. I dream of owning a 55-gal drum one day which I could just dip my whole body in after a strenuous Sunday rehearsal.
#2 Assorted styles and stages of “foot-thinger-rooskies” aka dance paws, aka modern/lyrical footwear (but still holding on to my original tried-and-true pair given to PTDT members years ago on a “trial basis” which none can compare, and of course, are manufactured no longer).
#3 White elastic bands – to be worn around your hips (only one at a time) during technique classes to act as a visual aid to ensure proper hip alignment.
#4 Leg warmers – in July, because you just never know when your legs will require to be properly warmed.
#5 Notebook and erasable pen – for loads of choreography notes and mistakes.
#6 Baby powder – for sticky (and stinky) feet…((shhh))
#7 Band Aids and silky surgical tape – for the oh so many owies that can, and do happen…especially on the bottom of your big toe.
#8 Nail Polish Remover Wipes – for the times you’re caught red-handed, or red-toe-nailed to be precise, prior to any performance or dress rehearsal.
#9 Safety pins – because Mr. Safety says no to wardrobe malfunctions.
#10 Lucky penny – in case the aforementioned items should fail to perform.

Sharon Riddle has danced with the Pamela Trokanski Dance Theatre since 2009.

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3 thoughts on “What’s In Your Dance Bag, Sharon Riddle?

  1. ahhhhhh I miss you, Sharon! You and your tiger balm. 🙂 reading this blog post and this blog in general makes me wish I still danced with you all! Such a good time. xoxo Caitlin

    1. Caitlin, if you ever want to write us an article (short, long, doesn’t matter) about dancing in the company or how it applies to your research/life/etc. (just ideas, I’m sure there are other things), let me know!

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