13 Theaters


It’s been a busy season for PTDT!  We were curious to see where we’ve been this year, so we made a map and here’s what we found:  This year we danced in three different cities: Davis, West Sacramento, and Sacramento.  Within those cities, we’ve danced in 13 different locations, some of them multiple times, for a total of 28 performances.  Wow!  And that doesn’t include dress rehearsals.  Some of these “theaters” were traditional theaters with seats and a stage, but some of them were open courtyards, outdoor decks, or grassy areas.  Regardless of the space, each performance is equally important.  We’re proud of the fact that many of these performances were free because we danced in public (in the case of performances like the Davis Art About, Junk 2 Genius, and flash dances) or we gave free tickets to children (Davis Dance Project) and community members who other wise couldn’t see a show (Fall and Spring Concerts).  Join us next season to see where we dance next!

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